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      Tribute and Memorial Tree Plantings 


The Tribute Tree program

You can contribute to the urban forest of Yellow Springs by ordering a tribute or memorial tree to remember a family member or friend or to recognize a personal or group achievement, such as an anniversary, birthday, or public recognition. The tree will be planted in the spring or fall and cared for and maintained by Tree Committee volunteers, who will water, mulch, and prune the tree for three years. A tribute or memorial plaque will be ordered and placed on or near the tree.

How to Order a Tribute Tree

Contact Anna Bellisari of the Yellow Springs Tree Committee (937-767-2162 or anna.bellisari@wright.edu) to order a tribute or memorial tree. The cost of the tree is $200, and a plaque costs $30, for a total cost of $230. You will complete an order form with exact wording for the plaque, including the name of the donor and honoree. Since it is important to plant the right tree in the right space, a Tree Committee expert will assist you in tree and site selection.

Current List of Tribute Trees

A current list of tribute and memorial plantings is on display at the following locations:

Yellow Springs Community Library,
Bryan Center lobby,
YS Senior Center lobby,
YS High School Library,
Mills Lawn Elementary School Library,
Antioch College Library Antiochiana Office,
Friends Extended Care Center East Lounge Bookcase, and the
Friends Assisted Living Center Bookcase in the Dining Room/Lounge.

You may want to take a look at some tribute trees in their planted locations, such as along the bike pathway or in the Lloyd Kennedy Arboretum and Ellis Park. Most trees are marked with information regarding type and planting date.