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Where are the trees?

Village Parks, Streets

Most of our trees are found in Yellow Springs' many parks. Ellis Park on the North side of town and the adjacent Lloyd Kennedy Arboretum hold a large number and variety of trees. Rahn Park, where the Yellow Springs Train Station is located has several of our trees and a lovely garden maintained by the Friendly Gardeners. Duncan Park is a triangle at Dayton Street and Limestone Street which is often overlooked. Beaty-Hughes Park is even smaller, hiding behind Kieth's Alley and across from the Fire House. It has large shade trees and picnic benches. Along Dayton-Yellow Springs Road near the High School complex is a planting near the soccer field. Along the Multi-purpose (bike) Trail there are several plantings including some in the new Woman's Park. Gaunt Park, known for winter sledding and Fourth of July fireworks as well as the swimming pool and sports fields is gaining new trees. The last park hasn't an official name yet, we call it the A-X park. It's at the corner of Xenia Avenue and Allen Street (of course) and is part of a bike trail. We stick a tree in there once in awhile and see if it's noticed.

Street trees are very important to our village and we replace dead and damaged trees on the right-of-way and look for places to add some more. The plantings along Xenia avenue near the library and down town are special.

We also plant trees around the village public buildings, such as Bryan Community Center and the Green County Public Library.

College and Non-Profit

Some private properties are used by the community as if they were public, and we plant on some of them. Antioch College campus,  Friends Care Center, and Mills Lawn School are examples.



There are a few private houses where we plant trees, too, mostly within a block of Mills Lawn.


Map of Yellow Springs now available for viewing, download, and printing (requires Acrobat Reader)