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About the Yellow Springs Men's Group
(The James A. McKee Association)
by Robert L Harris

About Development
Business Retention & Expansion Survey
September 2009

CEDA between Township and Village
Draft agreement about planning business sites

Yellow Springs Comprehensive plan - 2002
includes several interesting attachments

Community Information Project added
Includes several reports

Locally Owned Telecommunications Network Service (.pdf)
A citizen perception survey

About Afordable Living

2022 Cost of Living Study III (PDF)

2022 Executive Summary  (PDF)

Update October 2022:

      Yellow Springs - Oakwood Comparison

           Summary for Council

2012 Cost of Living Report II (PDF)

2012 Cost of Living Report II Annex (PDF)

2002 Cost of Living Report I    (PDF)

Data to support plans and decisions

Yellow Springs Population Changes
Provided by Saul Young in 2005.